Saturday 17 September 2011

The morning after the night before

Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors — and miss.
- The Master

Bit of a thick(er than usual) head this morning, can't think why. Possibly related to the five pints of beer I enjoyed at Babelas last night, followed by a large Lamb and Doner* Mixed, washed down by a couple of large whiskey and sodas before bedtime. Or maybe I'm just getting a cold.

Good blogging day yesterday. Thanks to a mention on Laura's site my traffic went up 2700 percent! (that's from 1 view per day to 27! impressive huh?) - maybe I'm 'going viral'?

That could explain the headache.

Actually, a big thanks to all those who popped over from Laura's site and left comments, much appreciated, at least I know someone's out there. Is it too early do you think, to start monetising this site?

Similar thanks, (though less sincere) to the drunken wazzack (AKA The Cardigan Kid) who posted the two ski related comments on the iPhone thread. That should of course have been 'a ROLLING minky gathers no moss' but I suppose even drunken drivel has its place, and if so that place could well be here.

Laura's thinking of starting a new blog 'Sh*t my dad slurs'  - Sounds promishing.


* For our German reader - this has nothing to do with Thunder


  1. Now if it were Laura with a headache I WOULD BE SHOUTING AT YOU!
    But I'll be kind for now x

  2. lol oh, those were the days! Glad to see you are living up to your profile!


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