Wednesday 31 August 2011

Welcome to my Blog

Ok first ever post , I have no idea what this will lead to, but here goes. As an ex- COBOL and BASIC programmer there's really only one way to begin......


Ok That went well. Now I suppose I should say that this isn't really going to be a blog of just 'grumbles' although there may be a few of them. The title is an 'homage' to (polite way of saying I ripped the idea from ) Robert Heinlein's posthumous collection of letters published after his death (well that's why they were posthumous duh!) by his widow Ginnie, entitled 'Grumbles from the Grave'.

Since I hope to live for another year or two (at least!) I thought I'd get my 'grumbles' out of the way before I croak, that way I get to embellish upon them as I go, and (re) edit anything I write so as to look as cool and interesting as possible before it's too late. (Alright, I know it's already Waaaaay too late but hey, I can dream).

RAH has been a significant influence on me ever since I read his 'youf' novel 'Tunnel in the Sky' when I was about eight. It lead me to read everything he had ever written and by about 1974 aged 14 I had 'caught up' and had to wait for each of his next books to be published.

I was in a bookshop in Leicester in 1988, when I heard of his death. The shop manager just came right out and said, "Oh yes, Robert Heinlein, he died last week you know?" as if it was of only passing interest to anyone. I think my shock must have shown because she said 'I think he'd been ill for a long while' as if that somehow made it OK.

He was a great author and a fine man. He changed my life for the better. I even have his autograph on a copy of 'Time enough for Love' although I never met him.

Anyway that's the reason for the title. From here on it'll probably be downhill all the way.

Right, I promised pictures so here's one:

I called it 'creature from the black lagoon' but it's actually just an old tree root revealed by the low water levels at Rutland Water this summer. It did look kind of spooky though, close up, after a beer or two, you know?