Friday 16 September 2011

Buttons and Domains

America: It's like Britain, only with buttons
- Ringo Starr 

Ok so after only  half a day of footling about with domain names and html, I managed to not only bag the domain (which, I feel, is a pretty cool domain) but more importantly create a button for my blog!

The domain thing was actually pretty easy, I just bought it from Google, biggest surprise was that noone had already bagged it!

The button thing was a LOT harder. Back when I was last writing code, java was an island in Southeast Asia, and the web was that thing stretched across the door of my garden shed.

Fortunately however, in one of my more enlightened moments, sometime back in October 1988, I started a process that resulted in me today having access to my own blogging and html technical support guru. How far sighted of me was that?

So a big thank-you goes out to Laura Jane at Needles Pins and Baking Tins for providing me with the button code (as well as numerous quilts, cushions, mug rugs and delicious and no doubt nourishing puddings). Some investments really do pay off!

Here's a pic.

I think she was just working out where to put the href tags.



  1. Cute photo - HTML does that to me every time!

  2. Popped over from Laura's blog. You are too funny! I love that you blog about "Grumbles".

  3. Hi Simon. Came over from Laura Jane's to say hi and welcome you to blogland. I see where Laura Jane gets her sense of humor :)

  4. As with all who concentrate fully, the tongue must be out and to the side. Laura sent me this way and now I must thank her for it... nice to meet you, Pops - Grumble away!

  5. Hi LJ Daddy! You have a very beautiful and talented daughter - I'm sure you're v.proud! Jxo

  6. Hey LauliPops' Pops! Very funny man! I may have to come back and see what other gems of wisdom spring forth from a wee grumble! Welcome to Blogland!

  7. Hello Mr Lollypants, your wee lass is a total sweetie, isnt she? Who does she get the bossy from tho? ;-) Hope you enjoy blogland :-)

  8. great name!
    cant wait to hear what you come up with!

  9. HI! I stopped over from Laura's blog. I too am "50+" and am quite interested in hearing your grumbles!! After all, I might run out of my own and need to borrow a grumble or two one day!!


  10. Dropped by from Laura's Blog, welcome to Blogging! Great start and very funny, congratulations on your foresightedness! (that's a mouthful)


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