Thursday 15 September 2011

Grumbles from the iPhone

Ok if it works from the iPad I guess it has to work from the phone right?

Yep looks like it does.

Ok cancel the moan. Like everything in life these days. There's an app for it :-)

Think I'll just test the image uploader. Can I post a pic taken right now in the phone? That would be moderately cool.

Ok here goes.....

What a great view, although it looks like things could change...
Of course my real view is of the fishpond in the garden..
and yes I can take a pic and post it so pretty cool overall.


  1. Redirection working A-OK!

    Get yourself a logo or something and I might even plug you on my blog :-) XXX

  2. Is a Meta-Grumble really a better Grumble? How about an unfinished Grumble?

    Would that be a Beta-Grumble?

  3. Rather have crumble than grumble myself...

  4. A minky on the slope gathers no moss

  5. 1 Austrian ski instructor + 1 beachball equals an almighty crash


Feel free to add Grumbles of your own. If they are about one of my Grumbles that makes them a Meta-Grumble which is even better!