Friday 30 September 2011

Guilty feelings.....

How you behave toward cats here below determines your status in Heaven
- The Master

The kittens reached 'that age' this week. If we didn't want our small cat nation state to get a lot bigger, surgical intervention was required.

So off we all went to the vet. Two humans feeling rather guilty for the mutilation to come, and three Maine Coons giving the appearance of being completely nonchalant about the whole affair. They even purred in the waiting room - bless!

Four hours later we picked them up and all was well. The two girls were a tad unsteady on their feet. But no more than I am after the fourth pint. Walter didn't appear to have noticed anything was missing.

They tucked into a hearty supper, having been starved for nearly 24 hours and seemed genuinely unaffected by their ordeal.

So we woke this morning to a glorious sunny day (amazingly warm for September) and the kitties all keen to go and play in the garden.

Here's Hattie, her bald spot looking slightly like the skin of a milk cow (don't tell her I said that).

Walter apparently unaffected by the loss of his boy bits

And Winnie, but here there was a problem....

It's hard to tell from the photo, but we noticed some swelling under her stitches. She didn't seem bothered, and clearly wasn't in pain, but we thought we should get her checked out. The vet said one of her internal stitches must have failed, so she's back under the knife today. Hopefully all will be well, but we won't know until later.

Guilt feelings back up to the max :-(


Update - Winnie is fine! :-)

She had to have the stitches re-done but shows no ill effects, and was straight up the garden and up her favourite tree this morning. I wish I had their powers of recuperation. Also good news, no charge for the re-stitch from the vet, (which makes me wonder if perhaps they felt a little responsible). Anyway all is well, and another sunny day in store. Yesterday was apparently the hottest September 30th in Britain for 100 years! Today is looking good for being the hottest October 1st. Shame it wasn't like this three weeks ago when we were in Bideford. 

Still, mustn't grumble ;-)


  1. Poor babies... I'm sure the girls will thank you for it later. Wouldn't want Walt, Tobes or Herman getting any ideas!

  2. If Winnie has to wear a plastic bucket collar thing - that's the only thing to feel the guilts about!

  3. Give up the guilt! You are on thier side and these things happen, even to humans!

  4. Thanks all. See update Winnie all fine now! :-)


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