Friday 10 February 2012

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow....

One kind word (and a large bottle of brandy) can warm three winter months.  
~Japanese Proverb (amended).

So winter has finally reached Leicester, a couple of days of hard frost then some of the white stuff.  A photo blog is called for methinks.

It shure do make the garden look purty!

The Kitts have discovered the many pleasures that winter has to offer.

A brisk walk on a crisp morning

A spot of ice skating while looking for lunch

A few minute's birdwatching in the frozen woods

Followed by a nice warm mug of er, milk?

Toby likes the snow, particularly when he can turn it yellow

Winnie and Hat are not so sure

In fact Hattie has had quite enough of that feeling of  'icy butt cheeks'

And eventually even Walt needs a nice warm cuddle from 'dad'.

That's all Folks! 

(for today :-) )

Edit: - Got these this morning so had to add them :-)

Winnie is definitely getting bigger

What a pretty face! (and Winnie is quite cute too!) :-)

We had a game of da bird in the snow

Hattie can jump!

So can Winnie

Walt was feeling lazy

Hattie took advantage of the furniture to get closer

Winnie gave it a try too

and finally gave it one last jump

OK that really is all this time, until next time!


  1. Great pics! Love the one you and Scraps :-) Nice hat by the way xxx

  2. And VERY exclusive! it was made specially for me by a master Hat (and Quilt) maker I know. ;-) xxx

  3. Hey, nice to see you back! :) Brrrrr, bloomin cold though, think some of your kitties have the right idea!

  4. Great photos! Especially love the frozen dinner pics.. beats Iceland...

  5. Thanks All, have added a couple more pix from 'playtime'!


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